We in the SSMC are dedicated motorcycle enthusiasts who all have a common background. We all have served in the Navy, and have earned the right we wear the Submarine Warfare Insignia. We hold on to the brotherhood and comradeship which we were acquainted with in the Armed Forces. We have experienced a trust in the guy next to us, especially under hard circumstances. This developed us into a strong and successful group who is prepared to give anything for each other, the Club and the Brotherhood which we stand for. 

In the MC World, we are what is known as a "Two Piece-Buy In" Veterans Club.  We do not have "Hang Around" or "Prospecting" periods.  In our minds eye, that bill was paid when we Qualified Submarines.  If you are looking for "Son's of Anarchy" or some other fictional club environment that you saw on TV, we would suggest that you keep looking.  If you are looking to either re-kindle, continue or enhance the "SS Brotherhood" while riding the open roads, read on!

To be considered for Qualified Membership, an individual MUST:

  • Be Qualified in Submarine Warfare
  • Own and Operate a Motorcycle of 500 cc's or greater
  • Be currently on Active Duty, Retired or Honorably Discharged
  • Be interviewed and accepted by the Chapter Presidency

To be considered for Associate Membership, an individual MUST:

  • Be recommended by a Qualified member in good standing with Club
  • Be interviewed accepted by the Chapter Presidency

Although we are a Non-Territorial Club, we are divided into various Chapters throughout the United States.  To see a list of our Chapters, and to contact their individual Presidencies, you can follow this link.  If you don't see a current Chapter, consider MAL (Member At Large).  We are growing all the time, and when we have enough MAL members within a reasonable distance of each other, they are afforded the privilege of standing up a new Chapter.

To be apply for Membership with the SSMC, you can fill out an online application here.

The Rides of Silent Service Motorcycle Club

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  • 21077263_1747225335292395_8157691638917116262_n.jpg
  • 21077345_10211246936983268_7477063577462397649_n.jpg
  • 21077437_10155583723843428_8841318954247565047_n.jpg
  • 21077451_10212348211433370_8216291210597086269_n.jpg
  • 21077479_10155460495921421_6191187216163124616_n.jpg
  • 21077671_1645043108840673_9170701552253320869_n.jpg
  • 21077781_1462597560460586_6244204955006778981_n.jpg
  • 21078286_10210118693500208_337985296096647531_n.jpg
  • 21078353_345633622515774_1929734318350225995_n.jpg
  • 21078454_1305759066200179_7401148582391070417_n.jpg
  • 21078665_1649036168441784_1962669637203810887_n.jpg
  • 21082990_1809959802366303_1619424341891255330_o.jpg
  • 21083267_812187428950220_1672713008845771380_o.jpg
  • 21083359_10156456322392506_3683039318555503943_o.jpg
  • 21083621_10214652302124113_2980880556845249326_o.jpg
  • 21105424_10213713437926178_6464135468982420401_n.jpg
  • 21105444_10213626323313330_2863715672067647192_n.jpg
  • 21105531_1649026918442709_4023170141533782052_n.jpg
  • 21105672_10211782849779850_1549474159803200990_n.jpg
  • 21105782_10211246939383328_5953947572102281832_n.jpg
  • 21105872_10156130282894587_3518755535039220034_n.jpg
  • 21105954_1649026765109391_933851099877507228_n.jpg
  • 21106376_1611365002271140_2646103281988717498_n.jpg
  • 21106516_1604820089540005_3375165581455099071_n.jpg
  • 21106827_10155460495556421_2078272392054046821_n.jpg
  • 21122448_10210109831168326_1672590388510751806_o.jpg
  • 21122467_710130292512668_2352003126612709773_o.jpg
  • 21125321_10102625304331124_1438909161211271020_o.jpg
  • 21125647_1689719017728511_3110104555540025253_o.jpg
  • 21125737_10208590644958470_7559352030049272092_o.jpg
  • 21151258_10203972923959291_6804045631727533821_n.jpg
  • 21167043_1509210859122056_1288891254051428732_o.jpg
  • 21167273_10213918809952465_3985057060332653379_o.jpg
  • 21199459_10212415622979233_1913123477688985791_o.jpg
  • 21199838_1785586284815274_4544245877056280900_o.jpg